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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Static compression is being disabled warning in IIS 7 solved

Since i moved my website to IIS 7 windows 2008 I was continuously getting below error message regarding my website application pool. I did some research and found out problem was related to ApplicationPoolIdentity permission to IIS Temporary Compressed Files.

The directory specified for caching compressed content C:\inetpub\temp\IIS Temporary Compressed Files\DefaultAppPool is invalid. Static compression is being disabled.

So I got the help from below link to fix this problem, thanks to scott

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Anonymous said...

I got this error after adding this to my web.config file (Azure project)

(It results in a web.config error since SVG files are already present in applicationHost.config)

The error message is clearly misleading. I fixed the problem by reverting web.config to a previous version.

I wrote a short blogpost about it here:

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