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Monday, May 14, 2012

How to clone an Object in VB.Net without changing values in the parent object when new values are changed?

How to clone an object change the values of the properties of the object. To clone you can create the class as IClonable

For eg:

Public Class person     Implements ICloneable     Public Function Clone() As Object Implements System.ICloneable.Clone         Return MyBase.MemberwiseClone()     End Function     Private iID As Integer     Public Property ID As Integer         Get             Return iID         End Get         Set(ByVal value As Integer)             iID = value         End Set     End Property End Class ' Now outside the class you can do following to copy the object         Dim per1 As New person         per1.ID = 1         Dim per2 As New person         per2 = per1.Clone()
So if you do = 3 then it will not change the value in per1 so that mean you have distinctly independent object to work around.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cannot Switch eshop wordpress plugin between test mode to live (Resolved)

I was a bit tricked when i was not able to see the options to switch the eShop plugin to production mode. I checked few posts and everyone pointed to me to find the option on general eShop Settings page and to turn on to live mode.

To my surprise i couldn't find the options to change the setting from the Test to Live mode and was surprised for a while and it took around half an hour to figure out I need to change the display to 2 column mode and clear the browser to fix the issue.
But even that didn't helped me out I had to create new admin and log back in as new admin and then the options appeared in the eShop general settings page.

Just writing this to make your life easier so that you don't have to spend time wondering around. Follow the following steps to fix this issue:

* Go to eShop general settings
* Go to the ‘screen options’ at the top of the page
* Make sure that you choose the layout to be 2 columns and save
* Clear your browser catche
* log out of your wordpress blog and close browser.
* Log back in and the button should now be there.

I found this clue going through many websites but this particular one seemed to provide good information on wordpress eCommerce and there is the fix for this issue as well in the comments.
How to choose ecommerce plugin for your WordPress website #WordPress #Blogging

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