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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cake PHP losing session in Google Chrome

I was having problem where i was losing my sessions and when i logged in as admin after every click i would have to login again.
After few searches i found out below article on pixelastic that was pretty helpful...

It might help you guys


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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Avoid Undefined Index in CakePHP

There might be various problems regarding to undefined index in CakePHP and there are many solutions to it and some links i went through to fix the problem are:

Newby: "Undefined index" error
Something on CakePHP Notice (8): Undefined Index
CakePHP: Rendering an undefined index

However these couldn't help solve my problem, being newbie in Cake and after going through these posts, it clicked me that i might be doing something silly mistake.

Actually i was displaying news in my default page where I declared the variable news in apps_controller as below:

function beforeRender(){
$todayNews = $this->News->find('first', array( 'order' => array( 'News.updated' => 'DESC' ) ) );

$this-> set('news', $todayNews);


And in my news controller I was using below code to render my index page:

function admin_index()
$allNews = $this->News->find('all',
'order' => array
( 'News.updated' => 'DESC' ) )

$this -> set('news',$allNews);

You can see both had "news" being set. So when i called my index page i was always getting

Notice (8): Undefined index: News [APP\views\news\admin_index.ctp, line 18]

This made me go round and round for an hour... finally found out ti was the same variable causing problem.

then I changed the variable in my app_controller to be

function beforeRender(){
$todayNews = $this->News->find('first', array( 'order' => array( 'News.updated' => 'DESC' ) ) );

$this-> set('displaynews', $todayNews);

and called the same in my default layout page and all worked like a charm... hope this will help save you some time that might use creatively..... Enjoy coding.

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