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Friday, September 15, 2017

Android mobile all Call log and all messages disappeared - Solved

It was frustrating to have call log disappeared in my android mobile.

When i checked further my messages have disappeared.

Also I can see missed call in my android phone button but when i press the phone app to see the missed calls i could only see blank screen.

This was frustrating

After much research I found out my mobile has gone to Guest Mode some how..

To fix things back to normal again i did following:

setting->security-> and turn off "guest mode"

Viola ... everything works as normal now .. previously i have wasted resetting the phone to factory settings etc etc.. was too much frustrated ... 

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Configure Client Server in Domain Network connecting to router internet connection (Fix all DNS issues)

Known Issues while configuring the Domain in windows 2012 r2 and Setting up Client Computer and to make internet working:

  1. After installing Active directory , Domain Controller , DHCP in windows 2012 r2 there was issue connecting client computer to the domain – the client couldn't find the domain 
    • Solution : Change the Preferred DNS of client to Server IP and Connect to Domain
    • But now there is no internet in the client because Server DNS and Router DNS are two different things
    • To fix internet in Client – only option was to remove server ip from DNS settings in client and it will ultimately route to router and internet will work.
      • But again there is problem with the client. Since the DNS of serve r is not Known and it will be looking into Public DNS for its internal Domain, the initial log in of the client computers were taking ages to log in (more than 10 mins for some
  2. After configuring Mikrotik Router both have DHCP running and the laptops running under wi-fi were distributed different IP by router and in Lan computers ip was distributed through Windows Server 2012 DHCP 
    • Problem was there were number of times ip-conflict scenario was appearing.

To Fix all this issues after many blog posts and trial and errors, I have come up with the permanent fix. 

Server Setup – (Windows 2012 R2 Server)

  1. Install Windows 2012 R2 Server – Active Directory, Domain Controllers, DHCP 
  2. Give server IP address – In my case it was (say)  - So your DNS, DHCP and AD has same ip in the Server
  3. In Server adapter :
    • Ip Address will be :
    • Subnet Mask auto populate
    • Default Gateway will be your router Address in my case it is (
    • Preferred DNS same as own IP address:
    • Alternate DNS : Keep public IP in case your server couldn't resolve some DNS names :
    • Now Internet should be working in your Server, if not then check your router unless the internet is working on server don’t proceed 

Client Setup - (Windows 7)

  1. I am connecting to server using Windows 7
  2. Since if you don't put the ip of the Server in DNS of client it may not find your domain 
  3. So first open Network and sharing
  4. Change Adapter Settings
  5. Enter Preferred DNS Server as Server IP –
  6. Go to Computer- Properties -Change Settings 
  7. To rename this computer or change the domain - click Change
  8. Enter fully qualified domain name (FQDN) on the domain and click ok
  9. The computer will join the domain – Restart the computer 
  10. Now Client Adapter settings look simple no complications 
Now Check Internet and mapped drives in your Client computer

  1. Mapped drives should work 
  2. Internet Not working
    • Now In this case your client PC is configured to point to your local DNS server ( 
    • It has reached the server but it couldn't forward request to public DNS so it is stuck there and thus no internet
    • To Forward DNS you need to change small setting in your Server
Windows 2012 R2 Server – Forward DNS to make internet working in client computer

  • Go to Server Manager
  • Select DNS
  • Right click the DNS IP and open DNS Manager
  • Right click the server and click Properties
  • Check Interfaces tab which should only listen to your server IP address –

  • Now Click on Forwarders – Here you might see that is incorrect , it must forward your requests to either your ISP DNS address or public domain then only your client can resolve the domain and thus internet works.
  • Delete the entry which is not resolving anything
  • Enter DNS provided by your ISP or just enter public IP ( it doesn't matter if both are present (settings pic below)
  • Now Press ok and check your client – internet must be flowing in …. Happy chappy

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Brother Printer refilling toner - Still showing replace toner message (fix)

After brother printer ink is finished then it shows toner low message.
You have got option to pull out the toner and refill it manually and put the toner back again.

Still after you put the refilled toner it still shows the toner low message and rejects to print normally.

For this there is a simple hack that can be applied to the printer and it should be fixed.

The steps to do after you refill the toner and insert it in brother printer are :

Brother toner Replace setting
  1. Open the front cover where the cartridge is placed 
  2. Press clear
  3. Press start
      1. (Note: the screen should go blank)
  4. Press '+' 12 times
  5. Press 'ok'
  6. Close the cover/door
Now Your printer should work normally... enjoy

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to implement logging in database table and log file using NLog in C#

NLog is a .Net Library which is very useful for logging program information. It delivers various features of logging error free. NLog allows users to write the logs to various outputs some of most helpful are: a File text console email message database event log and many more For full article please follow my personal blog post "How to implement logging in database table and log file using NLog in C# "

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cannot implicitly convert type 'Google.Apis.Drive.v2.Data.File' to 'System.IO.File' - Resolved Code

I was using Google Drive API go get File Name of the stored file in Google drive

Although following the sample code provided by Google I encountered following error:

Cannot implicitly convert type 'Google.Apis.Drive.v2.Data.File' to 'System.IO.File'. I was surprised to find there were not much written about this.

I thought it would be a small but helpful post to some. Instead of wasting  precious time you can just do following to resolve this issue:

  1. If you are using System.IO in your program, then it will first pickup System.IO.File and ignore the Google.Apis.Drive.v2.Data.File.
  2. Therefore to resolve this issue you need to give full path of the Google Drive File
  • For Eg:
        Google.Apis.Drive.v2.Data.File file = service.Files.Get(fileId).Execute();
            Console.WriteLine("Title: " + file.Title);
              Console.WriteLine("Description: " + file.Description);
                Console.WriteLine("MIME type: " + file.MimeType);

        Hope this helps, Enjoy coding guys........

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