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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wordpress scheduled post doesn't get published on scheduled time (Resolved)

I tried to publish my post in future scheduled time but unfortunately it didn't get published even after hours. And i started to Google about the problem and found some interesting posts regarding this issue.
Some said it will get published 1 hour late as WordPress server time is always 1 hr late but for me it didn't work even after hours.

Then i realized if WordPress checks for its server time which might be in US somewhere for publishing the post then I will have to wait a long time if i try to publish in Australian time. So i found out that actually WordPress uses UTC time and then i changed by my scheduled to match UTC time and it worked like a charm. All my scheduled posts are published successfully.

Below article explains more about word press time and scheduled post irregularities.
timestamp and scheduled post irregularities 

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