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Monday, October 20, 2008

Internet Explorer operation aborted error for blogspot (worked for me now hopefully)

I have a blogger blog and this internet explorer error is driving me insane, I tried to solve it for so long and spent hours on it. Once I thought i fixed the error and left my blog and didin't noticed it as i use firefox now google chrome, but later i found out after one of my friend told me my site is not working. I knew it was the same crappy IE problem and it happens on both internet explorer 7 or internet explorer 6.

Again now time for google and again found so many of them giving different advices some of them i tried are the following:

1 Fix the site meter

I was happy to see this site and thought it would work out after i replace the javascript code with its html code.
But surprise surprise!!! guys it didn't.

Now again google page no 2

2 Kontera blog it blogger ads widget: cause of operation aborted in IE

Again with a pretty relaxed mood i removed the widget from my blog but this wasn't the solution for me as well.

3 Other possible reason for such issue is Google Map API
I completely removed that from my blog to solve it ( It was not solved but I didn't brought back the map in my blog, I never wanted it again)

Later after going to different links in google i found microsft forum Fix operation aborted thread after going through, it clicked my head

Many people were commenting about different gadgets not working and later I experimented my site by removing some java script code of the widgets and ads and trying it one by one:

In my case blog catalog was the problem
Hence we can tell that the placement of the java script code in certain cases doesn't work so in that case we have to try one by one to find out which combination of the javascript placement is not working for you guys.


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Friday, October 10, 2008

Hotmail login trouble - Bad Request (Invalid Verb) Solved

I was having problem login to hotmail or getting into any of the microsoft sites.I am using vista and IE 7 but when i tried to login to hotmail account I get Bad request(Invalid verb) error and that's it i cannot login to my account.
After going through hours in the web and remembering what caused this errori finally found the solution

I remembered installing Windows Live onecare family safety and remembered after that hotmail had the problem.So I removed "Windows Live onecare Family Safety" from my computer and restarted the computer.You can do this going to control panel and unstall programs.
Then all worked sweetly (I don't know why microsoft didn't think about this). But guys for now it will work.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Step by step tutorial to create a adobe pdf file from .net application?

While i was trying to build an automated program to generate pdf for my clients to send various files including receipts and their account details.

I came across iText# ( iTextSharp) which is an open source java library (itext) written entirely in C# for the .Net platform. Itext# is the library that allows you to generate pdf file on the fly after implementing it as an assembly.

So I went through it and discovered various simple ways to generate the pdfs from scratch. It was a very well written open source tool that can be used to create your own acrobat pdf writer program and so thought i should post it on my blog.
And here I am writing the complete tutorial

As i was browsing through the various sites while writing this I came across one article in code project which provided the same solution as I wanted to post here.

So for the complete knowledge on how to generate efficient pdfs from your .net applications you can go to:

also there are many tutorials on the iTextSharp Demo (asp .net 2.0)

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How to build website site map without writing single line of code in asp .net 2.0 ?

This is a step by step asp net 2.0 tutorial on how to create a site map for your web site.

Site maps can be very important for every website to increase search engine rankings. When we submit url to search engines the search engines use site maps to crawl the web sites.

So they can be very vital for search engine optimisation and to improve your web site search engine rankings.Most traditional way of maintaining site maps were in plain html formats which could be a major drawback when a website pages keep on changing and new web pages are being added.

Now 2.0 have introduced a special file called web.sitemap that can be included in the project and just making few changes in this file the sitemap of the website can be managed.

Now lets see how to develop a site map for a web site using 2.0

step 1

open a web project and add web.sitemap in the root directory
add a web form and name it sitemap.aspx

now manage your site map as shown below :
SiteMapNode element is every page in your site. Manage the elements as per your web sites and give the path of your web pages.

Since the site map is stored in XML format it can be very useful in using it as a datasource and bind it in the tree view control to display the tree structure in your web page.
Step 2

Add a SiteMapDataSource control in your siteMap.aspx page

Add a Treeview control in your sitemap.aspx page

and set the tree view datasourceID="SiteMapDataSource1"

which will look like the following:
Now run the application and you can view a site map for your web site

Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers
Microsoft Press

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