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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Removing viruses boot.vbs or virusremoval.vbs or wscript.exe

If you see boot.vbs or virusremoval.vbs or wscript.exe viruses showing up in your computer or poping up on start up then do the following.

You can remove boot.vbs or virusremoval.vbs by doing the following:

1. Go to the System32 folder C:\WINDOWS\system32 and search for the file 'wscript.exe'.

2. Then delete the file wscript.exe. If you can't delete it, just use unlocker from

Remember don't delete any other files it might be your windows files that might lead you to other windows related problems.

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1 comment:

sushil said...

wscript.exe is a windows application. its better to delete boot.vbs or virusremoval.vbs

go to system32 folder and change the permission of those files from the command prompt to -a -r -h -s. then you can delete them.

along with those files, there can be other files like imapd.dll, imapd.exe and so on. they are also virus files and you can do similar with them as well.

there will be another file called isetup.exe in the documents and settings folder which is hidden. you have to delete that as well.

then comes the registry cleaning part.

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