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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

VB Split() function in C# (Stupid mistake made while converting! Solved now)

I was trying to convert the vb Split() function to C#
and while going through google it seemed pretty much easy but my function is not working or giving me errors.

I went through it more than 30 mins and later found out my mistake that I will
explain in the end of this post.

Ok here is the vb code that uses the split function to split a string line.

Dim strLine As String
strLine = "DataSource = GetDatabase"
lblMsg.Text = getTextLine(strLine)

Public Function getTextLine(ByVal strline As String) As String

Dim spChar As String
spChar = "="
Dim values() As String = Split(line, spChar)
Dim reply As String = values(1).Trim

Return reply
End Function

and the exact replica of this code in C# is :

string strLine;
strLine = "DataSource = GetDatabase";
lblMsg.Text = getTextLine(strLine);

public string getTextLine(string line)
char spChar = '=';

string[] arr = line.Split(spChar);
string reply = arr[1];
return reply;


Now where i spent my 30 mins making following mistakes:

1. The big mistake what i didn't figure out for long was i did

char spChar= "=";

2. And so I ended up declaring spChar as string. Then the problem worsened.

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