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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Step by step tutorial to create a adobe pdf file from .net application?

While i was trying to build an automated program to generate pdf for my clients to send various files including receipts and their account details.

I came across iText# ( iTextSharp) which is an open source java library (itext) written entirely in C# for the .Net platform. Itext# is the library that allows you to generate pdf file on the fly after implementing it as an assembly.

So I went through it and discovered various simple ways to generate the pdfs from scratch. It was a very well written open source tool that can be used to create your own acrobat pdf writer program and so thought i should post it on my blog.
And here I am writing the complete tutorial

As i was browsing through the various sites while writing this I came across one article in code project which provided the same solution as I wanted to post here.

So for the complete knowledge on how to generate efficient pdfs from your .net applications you can go to:

also there are many tutorials on the iTextSharp Demo (asp .net 2.0)

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