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Friday, December 12, 2008

Get access to popular magazines like Penthouse, Playboy, MacWorld, PC magazine, MIT Technology Review for free.

This is really cool and works and you can actually get access to the following magazines. 

Follow the following steps to get access to all these  exciting magazines without subscription. 

Step 1 :

You need to have Mozilla Firefox internet browser installed in your PC, if you don't have it then download free internet browser from Mozilla Firefox Site

Step 2: 

Open Mozilla firefox and on your address bar type in "about:config"


Then type "useragent" in Filter bar

Step 4 

Now you will see 4 or 5 listing and check in your value column,  in one of those you will see firefox.

Double click that column and remove the value but copy it and save it somewhere so that later we have to change it to orginal configuration.

Now write the "Mobile Safari 1.1.3" in the value box.

Step 5 : 

Now try to open "" from your address bar, you should get access to all the good magazines that require  magazine subscription

The full detail of this article is derived form the Digital inspiration blog .

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