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Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to provide your web site link in your email signature ? step by step process

I was thinking of providing my blog link in my email signatures so that all the people who see my email know that i have a blog so they and even I can benefit from that.

I just tried to append html tags but gmail does not allow html email signatures. SO I went through many articles in google and came to know the trick see image below:

Even though i found out how to include HTML email signatures in G mail, I have to spend lot of time finding out what to do next and where to find the stuffs. And thought if it would be difficult for me a computer professional to find out the stuffs then how it would feel to the normal computer users? will they be able to do this? I don't think they would be able to experiment and find the exact way out.

Therefore i have included steps to insert HTML signature in Gmail.

Step 1

Note this only works for Mozilla Firefox Browser.
If you don't use Firefox then download Firefox Browser and install it in your computer. It is one of the safest and efficient browsers.

Step 2

Now after installing Mozilla Firefox browser open the firefox browser then download and install Greasemonkey script into your Firefox browser by clicking the link in this line.

Note: Firefox might ask you to register just complete the registration process and login before installation.

Step 3

Now after installing Greasemonkey script you need to install the script to include your email signature in your gmail so for this you need to download the script called Gmail HTML signatures script and install it in Firefox browser.

Note: Firefox might ask you to register just complete the registration process and login before installation.

Step 4

Now you can login to your gmail account normally as you do and go to compose mail now you will see some new items on your compose mail page which looks similar to the image shown below:

Here in this image you can see there are few new controls that you can see.

Step 5

Now press edit signature button and you can see Signature html code:

Just write down your details and html code. Now here you can even include the picutre links so that it would display pictures in your email signature.

Ok now if you don't know how to write html code you can check the tutorial but for some minor stuff i will write you a sample code below:

Here i am writing this code all inclosed by (') you need to remove (') before using the code below.

My signature starts as follows (you can just change the text and paste it in your gmail and it should work):

Thanks, '<'br/'>'
Prateek Regmi '<'br/'>''<'br/'>'

URL:'<'a href="" target="_new" '>' Blog For Programmers '<'/a'>''<'br/'>''<'br/'>'

Step 6

After getting the desired signature just click save signature and your signature is saved. Now all your new emails that you compose the signature is included in your email and your email will look more cooler if you give the links to your pictures located online or give the link to animated thanks picture instead of just writing thanks.

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