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Friday, March 14, 2008

Display animated gif image in vb application

'This cannot be done directly by inserting an gif image in the form but we have to
'First Add Microsoft WebBrowser control in the Form

'First Add Microsoft WebBrowser control in the Form

'WebBrowser1.Navigate App.Path + "\Reports\down.htm"
' WebBrowser1.Navigate App.Path + "\images\downArrow1.gif"

' Unfortunately, the WebBrowser also displays a right-hand scroll
' bar--probably not what you want for a decorative image. Believe it
' or not, you can turn this scrollbar off just like you would normally
' via HTML, as in:
strPath = App.Path + "\images\downArrow1.gif"
WebBrowser1.Navigate "about:html body scroll='no'bgcolor='#CCFFFF' img src= " & strPath & " >/img body /html "

Note Below:
This error might give you a problem while doing above

File not found: 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\ieframe.dll\1'

Apparently they have separated the library and code for the browser out of
ieframe.dll in IE7 installed and you are still on IE6.
One suggestion is to changed the reference for "Microsoft Internet Controls" from
the ieframe.dll to shdocvw.dll in the project references (browse for it in the same
folder), saved the project, reopen it, and you no longer receive the errors.

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