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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to Show picture Saved in Database in Vs Flex Grid

'Here Image1 is the image control Placed in the form
Private Sub ShowImage(ByVal intRow As Integer, ByVal intCol As Integer)

Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset
Dim obj As clsPict

On Error GoTo CErr

If Me.grdSearch.Cell(flexcpText, intRow, intCol) <> "" Then

Set obj = New clsPict
Set rsI = New ADODB.Recordset
Set strStream = New
Set rsI = New ADODB.Recordset
Set rsI = obj.getPicture("PictCode")))
strStream.Type = adTypeBinary
strStream.Write rsI("picture")
strStream.SaveToFile "C:\Temp.bmp", adSaveCreateOverWrite

Image1.Picture = LoadPicture("C:\Temp.bmp")
Me.grdSearch.Cell(flexcpPicture, Row, 6) = Image1.Picture
Me.grdSearch.Cell(flexcpPictureAlignment, Row, 6) = 9

Exit Sub
msgbox( Err.Description)

End Sub

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